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Features and Benefits

Pay Day
Pay Day Reminders
Never forget to submit payroll Info
Guaranteed federal, state, and local tax calculations
Our system is Real Time with the State and IRS. No Insane Fines, penalties or interest. We Pay Fines/Penalties if we Mis-Calculate.
Voluntary deductions (retirement plans, insurance premiums, etc.)
We customize our service to your company needs.
Vacation and sick day tracking
Keeps employees/employers updated on bal of sick/vac on stub
Print paychecks and paystubs from your computer or, have them delivered to your office.
No Emergency Check Fees. Replacement checks. Proof of Emplacement. Quick touch Access.
Pay types: salary, hourly wages (multiple pay rates), bonuses, tips, expense reimbursements, holiday, and more
Customize service to company particulars
Payroll and tax liability reports
Management reports included with paychecks keep you updated on taxes owed, paid and due.
Instant drill-down access to report details online
Access Customized detailed information for the period of your choice.
One-click export to Microsoft® Excel
No need for formatting/double data entry
Accounting Integration
Integrates with Microsoft® Money, QuickBooks®, QuickBooks® Online Edition, and Quicken®
No need for double data entry
Customer Support
Live customer support with payroll experts
Toll Free # for Instant answers to any payroll question/concern
Manual Federal Tax Deposits and Filings
Federal tax deposits and quarterly and annual filing email reminders
Never forget forms or filing dates
8109 deposit coupon worksheets
Automatically completed 940's and 941's
Used for Manual Payments & Filings
Federal W-4, I-9, and employer registration forms
Including new hire forms
Electronic Services
Direct deposit
W-2's, including electronic filling with SSA
Electronic filing of 940's and 941's
Electronic federal tax payments
Electronic state tax payments
State Tax Deposits and Filings
State tax deposit and form filing reminders
Signature Ready state deposit coupons
Signature Ready quarterly and annual filing forms
State new hire and employer registration forms and submissions
There are no extra charges for Direct Deposit, Quarterly or Year-end form filings (including W-2's), or Customer Svc.
Please note: N.P.S. is designed for small businesses with 1 or more employees. You will not be able to add more than 30 employees to your account at the flat rate.

* Delivery Charge: $5.00 per delivery is not included in monthly rate.

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